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Shifting individual mindsets to elevate greatness. 

Shifting individual mindsets in the black and brown community to elevate greatness through academic development - which focuses on first-year college experience, financial literacy, and networking
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What Tamesha Speaks About...

1st Year Experience

Educate Youth and Young Adults to lead in their goals

Financial Literacy

Create financial strategies that promote financial freedom


Creating healthy relationships by building a community


I am excited to announce the release of my new book, Amazon's Best Seller, The Impact Of Influence, which is now available. Click below to order your autographed copy from me today!

What is the book about? 

The Impact of Influence Vol. 3 is about ladies using their impact to create a life of influence that overflows with wisdom from the visionary, author Chip Baker, and other powerful influencers who have discovered their paths to success. They are influencing many and impacting generations. The inspirational stories within the pages of this book will inspire you to make a positive difference for those around you.

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