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A best-selling co-author, inspirational speaker, youth and young adult advocate, educator, financial aid expert, and seminar leader who has 20 + years of experience serving k-12 and 10 + years in post-secondary education in advising scholars and parents with college prep through the following: 

  • Understand the importance of embracing their identity.

  • Assist with clarifying values and passions. 

  • Achieve a sense of balance while growing through life transitions. 

  • Providing financial literacy programming to help alleviate college expenses.

My extensive client list includes churches, conferences, organizations, women, youth groups, schools, colleges, and universities.


Tamesha is an awesome and dynamic communicator. Her transparent and authentic spirit-filled messages and talks are captivating specifically for young people. Her wealth and experience both in her career and personal life give her an overwhelming advantage when communicating with collegiate and high school students. Young people just naturally identify with who she is and leave inspired to pursue their God-given dreams and achieve greatness. You will be blown away when she is finished speaking to your group. "

Jason C. North Sr. 


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