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First Year

Young Adulting is challenging. Believe it or not, several young adults do not know how to navigate the collegiate waters without the proper support. Tamesha creates safe spaces for high school seniors entering college and current first-year scholars to understand their various pathways in life by building strategies around the following: 

  • Know Your Gifts - Learn a clear direction of which area of focus that provides self-satisfaction to achieve futuristic goals. 


  • Gaining Self-Awareness - Understand how to reset when veering off track in academics and create a strategic plan to overcome negative habits, patterns, and behaviors which may hinder their focus for the future. 


  • Peer-to-Peer Connection - Connect to the right individuals who desire the same field of study or become a positive influence to hold each other accountable. 

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Focus Groups

Acknowledge their current successes while planning to set new ones. Learn how to overcome various obstacles by adopting a winning attitude. Celebrates the principle, “employing interdependence” – we all need to help each other. 


Design a strategic plan which outlines personal, professional, and academic goals that illustrate a bright future. Create action steps that facilitate goal achievement spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

Purposeful Workshops

Participate in workshops that encourage perseverance. Workshops will also promote the importance of the following: self-affirmation, self-identity, and self-discipline. This demonstrates the importance of having strong morals, values, and goals. 

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