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Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FAFSA is the most common way to receive funding for college. In fact, filing an application is highly recommended. Yes, the application can seem exhaustive. However, there have been some improvements to completing the application then in previous times. Be mindful that many colleges and universities have a priority deadline to complete the application for students to be considered for their state aid programs. You can find those deadlines on the FAFSA website. Tamesha will help ease the process by providing the following:  


  • Valuable Tips - Teaching parents and students on the whole picture when completing an application. 

  • Q&A Review - Answer any questions or concerns regarding their application only. 

  • Create a Strategy to Avoid SAP (Satisfactory Appeal Process) - Provide a concrete plan for students not to fall below the academic requirements and remain in good standing with the college or university. 

  • Apply Early - The earlier, the better. Encouraging families to apply early in case additional funding is needed. 

Tip #1
Complete It 

Do not cancel yourself out. Many families fail to file an application due to the fear of not being eligible for federal funding. I encourage everyone to file anyway. Several scholarships and grants require it! 

    Tip #2
  REview It

Please review your application (preferably each page) before moving on to the next set of questions. It is critical for students and parents check their side of the application to ensure all information is accurate. 

   Tip #3
Submit It

Once the application is submitted, it can take up to ten business days for a college or university to receive your application. It is advisable for parents and/or students to follow up with the school to check the status of their application within that timeframe. 

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