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Grants are another way to secure funding for college. When the grant application opens, students are encouraged to apply. Sometimes, grants are completed in phases (this also applies to scholarships in some cases). Tamesha gives a clear understanding of the following: 


  • Know The types - Understanding the difference between federal, state, and private funders for student eligibility is important. 

  • Locating Grants - Share valuable tips on where to locate funds and teach a strategy on how to keep track. 

  • Application Expectations - Review the academic requirements with students to ensure each section is understood. 

  • Follow-Up - Connect with students to answer questions and be sure they are comfortable with the process. 

Some of My Favorites!

Alliance for Women in Media

American Association of University Women


Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship and Emergency Grant Program 

Live Your Dream Award




Design a strategic plan that outlines specific action steps to obtain academic goals through gaining self-awareness, time management, and networking. These essential areas will propel students to meet personal and professional goals while building a bright future to becoming debt-free. 


These transformational workshops provides the blueprint for students to implement into their funding search. They will learn how to navigate the scholarship and grant process, understand key terms and definitions, essay development, locating funding, create a search engine profile, and some tips on FAFSA completion. The goal is for each student to know how to align funding opportunities that speaks to their desired degree or future profession. 


Connect with audiences to provide a wealth of information for underserved and underrepresented students and families who seeks to pursue their higher education without incurring student loan debt. These platforms offer a range of strategies, solutions, and guidance and serve as a valuable resource for those who face financial or other obstacles to achieving their educational goals. 

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